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2006-2009 Wimbledon School of Art

BA HONS Costume Design (2:1)


2002-2005 University of Warwick

BA HONS English and Theatre Studies (2:1)


Industry Awards

OffWestend nomination for Best Costume Design 2022 for Orlando

OffWestend nomination for Best Costume Design 2019 for Pictures of Dorian Gray

OffWestend Award for Best Costume Design 2016 for The Cutting Of The Cloth - Winner

Offwestend nomination for Best Costume Designer 2014 for Martine

Offwestend Award for Best Costume Designer 2011 for Anyone Can Whistle - Winner



Employment - Theatre 

May 2023.             Set and Costume Designer - Twelfth Night, Shakespeare in the Squares, Dir. Sioned Jones


March 2023.          Costume Designer - Applause/Company, GSA, University of Surrey

November 2022.    Headdress designer/maker - Cinderella - Hackney Empire, Des.  Cleo Pettit

November 2022.   Costume Supervisor, Robin Hood, Greenwich Theatre, Des. Judith Croft


Sep 2022.               Costume Buyer, Cherry Town, WNO


June 2022.             Set and Costume Designer, The Tempest, Shakespeare in the Squares, dir. Sioned Jones

May   2022.             Costume Designer, Orlando, Jermyn St Theatre, dir. Stella Powell-Jones


March 2022          Costume Designer,  The Sweet Smell of Success/ Bells are Ringing, GSA, University of Surrey

June 2021                Costume Supervisor, La Traviata, Opera Holland Park Des. Cordelia Chisolm

May 2021.                Costume Supervisor, The Cunning Little Vixen, Opera Holland Park Des. Anthony D. Edwards

March 2021.             Costume Designer, Richard iii, GSA, University of Surrey


November 2019       Associate Costume Designer, The Snow Queen, The Rose Theatre, dir. Ciaran McConville


September 2019      Costume Designer, For Services Rendered, Jermyn St Theatre, dir. Tom Littler


June 2019                 Set and Costume Designer,  A Midsummer NIght's dream, Shakespeare in the Squares 


May 2019                  Deputy costume supervisor, Iolanta/Il Segredo di Susannah, Opera Holland Park Des. Takis

May 2019                  Deputy costume supervisor, L'Arlesania, Opera Holland Park Des. Alyson Cummins


April 2019                 Costume Designer, Pictures of Dorian Gray, Stephen Joseph Theatre + tour. dir. Tom Littler

February 2019          Costume Supervisor, Agnes Colander, Jermyn St Theatre. des. Rob Jones // dir. Trevor Nunn

November 2018       Costume Designer, Aladdin, The theatre Chipping Norton. dir. John Terry 


August 2018              Costume Designer, About Leo, Jermyn Street Theatre dir. Michael Oakley


June 2018                  Set and Costume Designer,  As You Like it, Shakespeare in the Squares dir. Tatty Hennessey

April 2018                  Costume Designer, Tonight at 8.30, Jermyn street Theatre dir. Tom Littler

March 2018               Deputy costume supervisor, Cosi Fan Tutti, Opera Holland Park Des. Alyson Cummins

March 2018                Deputy costume supervisor, La Traviata, Opera Holland Park Des. Cordelia Chisolm


January 2018            Costume Designer, Romeo and Juliet, Cambridge Arts Theatre dir. Tom Littler

November 2017         Costume Designer, Sleeping Beauty, Chipping Norton Theatre dir. John Terry

October 2017             Costume Designer, A Day By The Sea Southwark Playhouse dir. Tricia Thorns


August 2017              Costume Designer, The Blinding Light, Jermyn St Theatre dir. Tom Littler


June 2017                 Costume and set Design, Romeo and Juliet,  Shakespeare in the squares dir Tatty Hennessey


December 2016        Costume Designer, Robinson Crusoe, The Theatre Chipping Norton dir. John Terry


July 2016                  Costume Designer, Much ado about Nothing Shakespeare in The Squares dir.  Joe Hufton


March 2016               Costume Designer, The Fifth Column, Southwark Playhouse dir. Tricia Thorns


December 2015         Costume Designer, Robin Hood, The Theatre Chipping Norton dir. Abby Anderson


March 2015              Costume Designer. The cutting of The Cloth, Southwark Playhouse dir. Tricia Thorns

November 2014        Costume designer, First Episode, Jermyn street Theatre dir. Tom Littler


March 2014              Costume Designer, Martine, Finborough Theatre dir. Tom Littler

February 2014          Costume Supervisor, River Lane, Eastern Angles des. Nicky Bunch


April 2013                Costume Designer, London wall, St James' theatre dir. Tom Littler

March 2013              Costume Designer, Flock, Northern Stage dir. Nazli Tabatabai-khatambakhsh


March 2013              Costume Designer, The Living Room, Jermyn Street theatre  dir.  Tom littler


January 2013          Costume Designer, London Wall ,The Finborough Theatre dir. Tricia Thorns


January 2012         Costume Designer, Bloody Poetry, Jermyn Street Theatre dir. Tom Littler


May 2011                Costume Designer, Antigone, The Southwark Playhouse  dir. Tom Littler


November 2010      Costume Designer - Lingua Franca - 59E59, New York dir. Michael Gieleta


August 2010          Costume Designer - SOLD - Talawa young People's Theatre dir. Nazli Tabatabai-khatambakhsh


Employment - Film/installation


November 2020. Set and Costume designer - 15 Heroines - Briseis, Canace, Dido, Phyllis - Digital Theatre


February 2017    Head  Wardrobe stylist - Being Brunel (SS Great Britain) - Centre Screen

November 2015  Head wardrobe Stylist - Mail rail (Post Office museum) - Centre Screen

October 2013       Costume Designer - Handshake (music video) - Emmyland

August 2013        Costume Designer - Drunken Butterflies (feature film) - Rockhopper Productions

June 2013            Costume Designer - London Wall (feature film) - Mastermedia productions

Employment -Education 


2020                   Visiting Lecturer in Costume Design - Royal Welsh School of Music and Drama

2015-2017         Visiting Lecturer in Costume Design - UAL Wimbledon

2014                   Associate artist Emergency Exit Arts




Nicky Bunch – Set and Costume designer



Tom Littler – Artistic Director Jermyn St. Theatre


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